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Heavy Construction Academy is a training program for those interested in becoming operators of heavy equipment. The school is located in Brentwood, NH and is known by many construction companies around the country.

The types of equipment you can learn to operate include loaders, dozers, backhoes, cranes and more. The way HCA instructs operation is the best way- hands on. Students are encouraged to get in the driver’s seat ad wait for instruction. The other parts of training include safety training in the classroom as well as an overview of the industry.

The instructors that are a part of HCA are all certified professionals from the heavy equipment industry. They all know the information inside and out and can bring something unique to the classroom as they can use their personal experiences.
Students are also encouraged to take part in the career skills training offered at Heavy Construction Academy. This portion offers help with resume writing, interviewing, and more.

When this course was created, it was the founder’s goal to help students become graduates who were proud of their achievements and went on to be great operators. He wanted to impact the heavy equipment industry with highly qualified workers.

If you are interested in becoming a heavy equipment operator or would like some more information on the school and its programs, contact HCA today. You can visit the website or call directly. Do not hesitate as you may miss out on a lifetime chance to become a heavy equipment operator.

Heavy equipment operators are needed currently all over the world. Without the experience or training, you have to start somewhere. Start with Heavy Construction Academy. This heavy equipment operation training program will provide you will the skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful operator.

The coursework that is a part of training at Heavy Construction Academy is based on actual operation, safety training, and career skills. Upon graduation of this course, you will be a certified operator. The program is well known worldwide and which gives you connections to companies hiring. Most of our students go on to be very successful in their careers.

All of the programs offered at HCA teach the physical aspect of class by practicing. The hands on experience within the seat of a machine is the best way to learn. Cranes, backhoes, dozers, tractors, and more are all a part of the heavy equipment industry and require operators. Learning to operate multiple machines is a great thing to have in this career choice. Many hiring employer seek to hire those who can operate more vehicles.

Each and every class is taught by an instructor who is a professional from the field. They are all certified personally and can help students understand in a new way through their own experiences. Some of the skills that students at HCA learn include:

  • Safety precautions and regulations
  • All operation of machinery
  • Maintenance of the equipment
  • Career training skills

If you are looking for a new career path, heavy equipment operation can lead you directly to success. You can set goals beginning with certification and leading to owning your own company. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, you need to contact Northeast Heavy Construction Academy to get started on the path today.

Northeast Heavy Construction Academy trains people like you to operate heavy machinery and to learn the ins and outs of the industry. This training includes safety training as well as career services upon completion. There are several ways to contact the school to get enrolled or to get any questions that you may have answered.
Northeast Heavy Construction Academy is located at:
48 Pine Road
Brentwood, NH 03833
You can reach the school directly by phone at: 1 (888) 262-8598
If you would rather be contacted by the school, simply fill out the online form. Visit to access this form.

You can also receive information on the school by visiting the Facebook page.
When you enter the industry of a heavy equipment operator, the opportunities are endless. If you pursue this avenue, you will one day look back and be proud of the things you have accomplished in your career. There is constantly a demand for operators and it will not change any time soon. Contact Northeast Heavy Construction Academy today to start down the path of success for your future. Enroll today!

There are many options for training to be a heavy equipment operator today. Some are on college campuses while others are dedicated and specialize only in this industry. Northeast Heavy Construction Academy is a specialized school program that trains students to be successful operators. This training allows students to become successful in a career they may never have acquired without training.

As a student, you will learn the basics of the construction industry in a classroom setting. The instructors will emphasize their own experience in the training as each and every one of them has experience in the industry. Also, the importance and rules of safety will be covered in this portion of the program. Students will also have the opportunity to physically operate machinery while in training. They will learn to use several machines and become multi skilled. This part of training is vital because many hiring employers will look for this experience when hiring a candidate.

This trifold training completely prepares students for the future career they want to achieve. Also, the school does not stop at graduation. They also provide career training skills. This assists students with creating and distributing a resume as well as interviewing skills. With Northeast Heavy Construction Academy being a well-known training school, hiring employers are more likely to hire graduates from the school. Also, students graduate as certified operators which also will give them a one up on other applicants for jobs.

All of the different benefits that Northeast Heavy Construction Academy has are not offered through other training programs. These show that HCA does it right. The students who graduate from this school are not only equipped with knowledge and skills but are thoroughly prepared for anything that may come at them in their new career.

Most people simply want job security and an income capable of supporting their family. With the economic hardship in the US right now, it seems like this is a hard thing to accomplish but it can be done. Becoming a heavy equipment operator will meet both of these criteria because there is steady work year round and it is a well-paying career choice.

One cannot just jump in and decide to be and operator though. There is so much to be learned beforehand. These operators get paid very well because their job requires a specific set of skills and knowledge. The more you learn along the way, the more you will be paid. The first step is to get trained by choosing a training program. Employers are looking for candidates who are fully skilled and trained to operate their very expensive heavy equipment. 
When it comes time apply for jobs, this will be like any other job as there is a lot of competition who will also want it. Set yourself apart by having Northeast Heavy Construction Academy listed as your training experience. This school is well known and will train you to be a great operator. You will possess both the knowledge and training of the industry if you choose this program. With classroom safety instruction and on the field training operation experience, you will be more than qualified for any job in the field.

Choosing to train to be a heavy equipment operator is a big decision. Training costs money and time and you need to be sure it is a field you can see yourself in, long term. Wouldn’t it be cool of you could get a sneak peek at the training program before you actually started, just to see exactly what the school is about? This is actually a possibility with Northeast Heavy Construction Academy. There is a free workshop offered for prospective students.

Once every 3 weeks, ‘Operator 101’ takes place to provide a time of informative and exploratory information. People who are interested in enrolling in heavy equipment operator training can sign up and come for this workshop.

Upon arrival, you will have refreshments before going to class. The first portion of the workshop will take place in the classroom part of campus. You will hear an overview of the training program, what it is about, and how it works. Next, some basics of heavy equipment will be covered and a time for any questions you may have. You will meet the faculty which consists of construction professionals.

There will be a lunch break and food is provided. After lunch, you will have a chance to go out on the field with the actual equipment. With some brief safety overview and instruction, you will get the chance to actually get in the machine and begin to operate it. There are several machines that you will see.

This workshop is part of Northeast Heavy Construction Academy’s program that is very beneficial for all involved. If you or someone you know is even the slightest bit interested in becoming an operator. Contact Northeast Heavy Construction Academy today to get signed up for Operator 101.

When training to be a heavy equipment operator, it is important to make sure you have had the training to prepare you for a successful future. Training at Northeast Heavy Construction Academy guarantees thorough and excellent training. Graduates who are now working in the field are well prepared and successful in the positions they are in now. On our website there is a link to view testimonials from the training program. Here are some other things grads are saying about our program:

Training at Northeast Heavy Construction Academy was the best decision I could have made. I would not have the position I am in today if it were not for the training I received. The staff was on top of the information and taught me in a way that I understood. Between both the classroom and field, I learned about the equipment and safety. I feel like I am more prepared for my job than others who were not certified with HCA.

Northeast Heavy Construction Academy is great school. I was surprised at the stories the faculty could share about their own experience adn it helped me to know they were the best to be teaching me. I made some friends while in training and work with one today. My job not is great and I know it is stable.

Overall, training at Northeast Heavy Construction Academy is a great choice and you will be glad you did it upon graduation. To best prepare yourself to be a heavy equipment operator, consider Northeast Heavy Construction Academy today.

Q. Is it even possible to get a job in today’s economy?
A. YES! There is a projected 12%-18% increase in the demand for trained heavy equipment operators for the next several years. There is also a high number of operators reaching their retirement, which will open more positions to newly trained and certified operators. By getting certified and properly safety trained at Northeast Heavy Construction Academy, you can put yourself at the front of the line for these positions.

Q. What is the cost of tuition at Northeast Heavy Construction Academy?
A. Due to the number of different programs offered at Northeast Heavy Construction Academy, the tuition totals can vary. If you would like specifics based on each program, feel free to contact an enrollment counselor at: 1-888-622-9052.

Q. What educational qualifications need to be met before I can attend Northeast Heavy Construction Academy?
A. None. HCA is a Post-Secondary Vocational School; there is no academic requirement for attendance or enrollment.

Q. Why is there an enrollment application process?
A. There are regulations in place at the state and federal level which prevent every person from being qualified to attend the program.

If you are interested in training to be a heavy equipment operator, check out Northeast Heavy Construction Academy today. If you have any questions, please contact our offices to find answers. We offer more than just training but a road to your future. With career services and a great staff we train our students at a high standard.

In the construction industry, having multiple skills is always a positive thing. The best area to be knowledgeable in is the actual equipment. At Northeast Heavy Construction Academy, all students are thoroughly trained on not one but several different machines. This is extremely beneficial and will work in your favor as a student looking to gain employment.

Employers know the success that comes out of Northeast Heavy Construction Academy and know how valuable hiring students from the program is.

There is a high demand for heavy equipment because there are more jobs opening all of the time. Many times operators who are multi-skilled will be used on different machines and jobs within one construction site. When there is a slow time in the construction business such as winter in the north, there are tons of other jobs that can be done because of the knowledge of the operators. These ‘other’ jobs include working with snow removal, landscaping, and more. If you are trained on many machines, you are more likely to gain employment with no problem.

By studying at Northeast Heavy Construction Academy you will be a top candidate for the positions you choose to interview with. You will stand out as a skilled operator and these companies will know how though your training has been in multiple machines.

There are two reasons students choose to attend training for heavy equipment operators. It could be that they are looking to start a career in the construction industry or they already are working in the field and need to obtain their certification. Whatever the reason, if you are looking for this type of training, Northeast Heavy Construction Academy is right for you. Gaining your certification through this program will guarantee you a great position or advancement in your career.

Northeast Heavy Construction Academy has various programs available to meet your specific wants and needs. You will gain thorough knowledge, hands on experience and certification upon graduating this program. Many construction companies nationwide recognize Northeast Heavy Construction Academy as a great school and training center.

The experience and success behind Northeast Heavy Construction Academy’s staff all the way up to the owner is extraordinary. They are the best in the field and train the students in the same manner. Students are taught about the safety precautions necessary as an operator as well as the way each machine works.

Hands on experience in operating the machines is also a part of the training. By practicing on actual equipment like bulldozers, cranes, backhoes, tractors, and more, students finish the program completely prepared to enter the field. Of course this is an industry that requires continued learning through the years as technology changes.

Skills that are important in this industry and can be acquired at Northeast Heavy Construction Academy include:

  • Basic and Advanced Operational Techniques
  • Safety Precautions and Preventative Maintenance
  • Excavation Formulas
  • Heavy Equipment Program

Some of the equipment you will be trained on and informed about includes:

  • Front End Loader
  • Skid Steer
  • Backhoe
  • Tractor
  • Off Road Dump Truck
  • Roller Compactor

It does not matter how old you are. If you have a dream of making a change on your career path or beginning a successful career for the first time, heavy equipment training could be for you. At Northeast Heavy Construction Academy, you will graduate thoroughly prepared and skilled at being an equipment operator in the construction industry.

There are numerous jobs available even today in the heavy construction field and employers are looking for candidates who have gone through the proper training. There are several reason that Northeast Heavy Construction Academy is the best choice for training.

With a versatile training program including both hands on machine experience training and in the classroom sessions, Northeast HCA will make sure you leave with the tools necessary to be an operator. This traininig program offers a thorough training on the equipment, how it works, how it needs to be taken care of and how to operate it. Also, safety is covered completely in this course as we train the best operators and safe operators are the best. It is important to know that at Northeast Heavy Construction Academy, we have experienced operators and constuction industry workers at our faculty. You will learn from the absolute best operators, making you the absolute best candidate for open positions.

The perks of Northeast HCA do not end there. Career services offered help graduates get in contact with companies who are looking to hire operators. These services have helped hundreds of grads get hired in a short period of time. Northeast HCA also offers free workshops to give future students a look at what they are getting into. The workshops will give prospective students a taste of what the actual training program is.

The truth is that the number of operators getting ready to retire in the coming years is huge. There is a high demand for workers and, within this field, the salary is high and the benefits good. If you are even the least bit interested, contact Northeast Heavy Construction Academy with any questions or concerns you may have. It is worth a look and you may find yourself operating heavy machinery in a short amount of time.

Heavy equipment operators are in demand. It is a fact of life. No matter what the unemployment rate is, if you look on a website with job openings, you will see plenty of operators needed. On one website there were open positions listed in over 15 states on the first page of results listed this week alone.

If you were to narrow the search down to one state, there would be several open positions as well.

Here are some of the common job requirements listed for these positions:

  • Ability to safely and effectively operate the equipment while considering the surroundings (other machines, people, type of materials working with, surface type, etc.).
  • Must be able to operate at least three different pieces of machinery
  • Sufficient dexterity and reflexes for pushing/pulling levers and pedals for long periods of time.
  • Ability to work using safety equipment, which includes a hard hat, hearing protection, steel toed work shoes, safety glasses and other protective gear as required for the job

There are typical duties listed for these jobs as well, including:

  • Start engine, shift gears, press pedals, and turn steering wheel to operate equipment.
  • Move levers to lower and tilt / other attachments as well as driving them to use attachments to pick up materials
  • Move levers to raise and tilt bucket when filled, drive vehicle to work site, and move levers to dump material.
  • Perform routine maintenance on equipment such as oiling, fueling, and cleaning.
  • Completes inspection report prior to using equipment as necessary.

In order to take advantage of most of these great positions that are open, you must have experience as an operator. Fortunately, many companies are now considering time spent in a training course hands on experience. This can work in your favor. Call Northeast Heavy Construction Academy today and get your operators experience started. You could be the next candidate to get one of these well-paying jobs with great benefits.

A shortage in heavy equipment operators is on the horizon as so many in the work force are on the brink of retirement. A need for qualified bulldozer operators is one of the specifics. There are many areas of work that require bulldozer operators and they must be skilled. This is not an area in which training can be optional. Heavy machinery operators are necessary in areas of construction, road building, forestry, mining and development.

In order to get in on these positions that are readily coming available, you must have the proper training. It is not easy to choose a great training program when there are so many options. There are a lot of different types of training programs but only one kind will get you in the place of success you will want for your future.

It is simply a matter of understanding what an employer will be looking for in a candidate when they have an available position. They will hire heavy equipment operators who have had training at a program where students are actually taught to physically operate the equipment and machinery. The more hands on experience the training program can give you as a student, the higher your chances are to get a position.

If a bulldozer was operated the wrong way, not only could someone get hurt, but it could cost the company a lot of money and cost you your job.

Operating a bulldozer is different than operating other heavy machinery. When specifically training for the bulldozer, the course should focus on specific aspects of the job such as the different soil types and conditions, potential hazards and obstacles. These are things you must be familiar with before entering a position as an operator.

While sometimes the position of a bulldozer operator can be demanding, it is more rewarding than anything. The job conditions and hours can sometimes weigh on an operator but the pay and job satisfaction as well as job security will always make up for it. If you are interested in learning more about heavy equipment training or are ready to enroll in a course, check out Northeast Heavy Construction Academy.