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Heavy Construction Academy is a training program for those interested in becoming operators of heavy equipment. The school is located in Brentwood, NH and is known by many construction companies around the country.

The types of equipment you can learn to operate include loaders, dozers, backhoes, cranes and more. The way HCA instructs operation is the best way- hands on. Students are encouraged to get in the driver’s seat ad wait for instruction. The other parts of training include safety training in the classroom as well as an overview of the industry.

The instructors that are a part of HCA are all certified professionals from the heavy equipment industry. They all know the information inside and out and can bring something unique to the classroom as they can use their personal experiences.
Students are also encouraged to take part in the career skills training offered at Heavy Construction Academy. This portion offers help with resume writing, interviewing, and more.

When this course was created, it was the founder’s goal to help students become graduates who were proud of their achievements and went on to be great operators. He wanted to impact the heavy equipment industry with highly qualified workers.

If you are interested in becoming a heavy equipment operator or would like some more information on the school and its programs, contact HCA today. You can visit the website or call directly. Do not hesitate as you may miss out on a lifetime chance to become a heavy equipment operator.

Heavy equipment operators are needed currently all over the world. Without the experience or training, you have to start somewhere. Start with Heavy Construction Academy. This heavy equipment operation training program will provide you will the skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful operator.

The coursework that is a part of training at Heavy Construction Academy is based on actual operation, safety training, and career skills. Upon graduation of this course, you will be a certified operator. The program is well known worldwide and which gives you connections to companies hiring. Most of our students go on to be very successful in their careers.

All of the programs offered at HCA teach the physical aspect of class by practicing. The hands on experience within the seat of a machine is the best way to learn. Cranes, backhoes, dozers, tractors, and more are all a part of the heavy equipment industry and require operators. Learning to operate multiple machines is a great thing to have in this career choice. Many hiring employer seek to hire those who can operate more vehicles.

Each and every class is taught by an instructor who is a professional from the field. They are all certified personally and can help students understand in a new way through their own experiences. Some of the skills that students at HCA learn include:

  • Safety precautions and regulations
  • All operation of machinery
  • Maintenance of the equipment
  • Career training skills

If you are looking for a new career path, heavy equipment operation can lead you directly to success. You can set goals beginning with certification and leading to owning your own company. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, you need to contact Northeast Heavy Construction Academy to get started on the path today.

Northeast Heavy Construction Academy trains people like you to operate heavy machinery and to learn the ins and outs of the industry. This training includes safety training as well as career services upon completion. There are several ways to contact the school to get enrolled or to get any questions that you may have answered.
Northeast Heavy Construction Academy is located at:
48 Pine Road
Brentwood, NH 03833
You can reach the school directly by phone at: 1 (888) 262-8598
If you would rather be contacted by the school, simply fill out the online form. Visit to access this form.

You can also receive information on the school by visiting the Facebook page.
When you enter the industry of a heavy equipment operator, the opportunities are endless. If you pursue this avenue, you will one day look back and be proud of the things you have accomplished in your career. There is constantly a demand for operators and it will not change any time soon. Contact Northeast Heavy Construction Academy today to start down the path of success for your future. Enroll today!

There are many options for training to be a heavy equipment operator today. Some are on college campuses while others are dedicated and specialize only in this industry. Northeast Heavy Construction Academy is a specialized school program that trains students to be successful operators. This training allows students to become successful in a career they may never have acquired without training.

As a student, you will learn the basics of the construction industry in a classroom setting. The instructors will emphasize their own experience in the training as each and every one of them has experience in the industry. Also, the importance and rules of safety will be covered in this portion of the program. Students will also have the opportunity to physically operate machinery while in training. They will learn to use several machines and become multi skilled. This part of training is vital because many hiring employers will look for this experience when hiring a candidate.

This trifold training completely prepares students for the future career they want to achieve. Also, the school does not stop at graduation. They also provide career training skills. This assists students with creating and distributing a resume as well as interviewing skills. With Northeast Heavy Construction Academy being a well-known training school, hiring employers are more likely to hire graduates from the school. Also, students graduate as certified operators which also will give them a one up on other applicants for jobs.

All of the different benefits that Northeast Heavy Construction Academy has are not offered through other training programs. These show that HCA does it right. The students who graduate from this school are not only equipped with knowledge and skills but are thoroughly prepared for anything that may come at them in their new career.

Most people simply want job security and an income capable of supporting their family. With the economic hardship in the US right now, it seems like this is a hard thing to accomplish but it can be done. Becoming a heavy equipment operator will meet both of these criteria because there is steady work year round and it is a well-paying career choice.

One cannot just jump in and decide to be and operator though. There is so much to be learned beforehand. These operators get paid very well because their job requires a specific set of skills and knowledge. The more you learn along the way, the more you will be paid. The first step is to get trained by choosing a training program. Employers are looking for candidates who are fully skilled and trained to operate their very expensive heavy equipment. 
When it comes time apply for jobs, this will be like any other job as there is a lot of competition who will also want it. Set yourself apart by having Northeast Heavy Construction Academy listed as your training experience. This school is well known and will train you to be a great operator. You will possess both the knowledge and training of the industry if you choose this program. With classroom safety instruction and on the field training operation experience, you will be more than qualified for any job in the field.

Choosing to train to be a heavy equipment operator is a big decision. Training costs money and time and you need to be sure it is a field you can see yourself in, long term. Wouldn’t it be cool of you could get a sneak peek at the training program before you actually started, just to see exactly what the school is about? This is actually a possibility with Northeast Heavy Construction Academy. There is a free workshop offered for prospective students.

Once every 3 weeks, ‘Operator 101’ takes place to provide a time of informative and exploratory information. People who are interested in enrolling in heavy equipment operator training can sign up and come for this workshop.

Upon arrival, you will have refreshments before going to class. The first portion of the workshop will take place in the classroom part of campus. You will hear an overview of the training program, what it is about, and how it works. Next, some basics of heavy equipment will be covered and a time for any questions you may have. You will meet the faculty which consists of construction professionals.

There will be a lunch break and food is provided. After lunch, you will have a chance to go out on the field with the actual equipment. With some brief safety overview and instruction, you will get the chance to actually get in the machine and begin to operate it. There are several machines that you will see.

This workshop is part of Northeast Heavy Construction Academy’s program that is very beneficial for all involved. If you or someone you know is even the slightest bit interested in becoming an operator. Contact Northeast Heavy Construction Academy today to get signed up for Operator 101.

When training to be a heavy equipment operator, it is important to make sure you have had the training to prepare you for a successful future. Training at Northeast Heavy Construction Academy guarantees thorough and excellent training. Graduates who are now working in the field are well prepared and successful in the positions they are in now. On our website there is a link to view testimonials from the training program. Here are some other things grads are saying about our program:

Training at Northeast Heavy Construction Academy was the best decision I could have made. I would not have the position I am in today if it were not for the training I received. The staff was on top of the information and taught me in a way that I understood. Between both the classroom and field, I learned about the equipment and safety. I feel like I am more prepared for my job than others who were not certified with HCA.

Northeast Heavy Construction Academy is great school. I was surprised at the stories the faculty could share about their own experience adn it helped me to know they were the best to be teaching me. I made some friends while in training and work with one today. My job not is great and I know it is stable.

Overall, training at Northeast Heavy Construction Academy is a great choice and you will be glad you did it upon graduation. To best prepare yourself to be a heavy equipment operator, consider Northeast Heavy Construction Academy today.